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We are a company specializing in the Black Soldier Fly (BSF) business. We've more than 10 years of field experience, we provide products and services in the field of BSF, including full turn key project consultation, equipment sales and support. By writing the below intro. We want you to know and understand that we are not the regular machine supplier. We in fact know the details of the business from A to Z. So, please take a little time to read more and if this does not convince you. Then nothing can!
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We have the professional team
  • Stephen
  • Lily

Stephen Seah (Consultant/Lead Trainer)

A Singaporean mechanical engineer by profession who entered the world of the Black Soldier Fly (BSF) industry out of pure passion for the incredible things these larvae are helping the world resolve the headaches associated with food waste and yet returning pure protein and bio fertilizer at the end of the process.

Stephen Seah has more than 10 years of experience in this area and is the pioneer of BSF in Singapore. In Singapore, he is known as "Lord of the Flies" by the Singapore government. He has started and also consulted for successful facilities across the continent and is currently offering his services and know how to impart his skills to those who requires it in full turn key solution. Which means that Stephen will train the indigenous folks and also supply a full spectrum of machines from the front end to the back end processes. Being a well-travelled man exposed to many different climates across the continent and cultures, he is very confident that those clients that have procured his services and used his machines have greatly cut short many expensive and time wasting errors that they might encounter if they were to do it themselves. This will greatly enhance the efficiency and most importantly the productivity as well as confidence that this method is indeed workable. Area of specialization are animal manure and food waste bioconversion. His methods and teachings are both applicable to tropical and countries with four seasons. Language is never a barrier for him.

He thinks that the current BSF industry is too “secretive” whereby extremely few very knowledgeable folks like him are willing to provide full turn key solutions. His vision is to open up this industry to as many countries as possible and everyone should make full use of this amazing insect the mother nature has designed so well and so efficient at its job. Nobody should be left behind and working together in a certain business model, this business can be really huge he highly believes. When asked about those Youtube videos that featured BSF cultivation and methods, his reply was that if any processes is highly workable, the originator will never share such videos to the world at this current juncture. So take it with a bucket of salt. He laughs.


Stationed in China

Has 11 years working experience for overseas marketing and shipping functions with 5 years in black soldier fly industry.

Lily is responsible for machine procurement and machine quality assurance. Every machine that our clients order will need to go through her stringent quality assurance procedure before she gives the approval for packing and shipping out. This is to make sure that the machines arrives to the clients location fully functional. We have seen how badly the clients will affected when machine of sub par quality is delivered when this quality assurance is neglected. No matter how far is the manufacturers' location in China, Lily will without fail travel to the manufacturer and conduct the testing herself. Afterwhich a segment of the testing process will be sent to the client as proof of due deligence being done. This is our commitment to you as our valued clients internationally.

Finally, packaging and shipping of the machines will also be arranged by her. We make sure to get the cheapest and most reliable freight company for you. So that you can relax and be assured that your cargo are in good professional hands.


Biocycle Indonesia

Indonesia before Stephen’s arrival was still very back dated in this industry. He (the founder) started Biocycle Indonesia and trained the locals to where they are currently. Biocycle is now one of the largest facility in Indonesia. He was in charge of operations and marketing. Back then, Biocycle was bioconverting palm kernel meal. The company has since been sold to a Netherlands firm and is still in existence.

Company Confidential located in Surabaya Indonesia

Feedstock for the BSF is animal manure, daily amount is more than 20 tons. Stephen was approached by the owner that he has a burden of disposing huge amount of animal manure on a daily basis that was eating up a huge portion of his profit margins. Prior to engaging Stephen’s services, the owner has sorted the services of local BSF experts but the trial ended up in failure. Under Stephen’s guidance, this owner has seen light at the end of the tunnel. So instead of disposing animal manure, he is now producing usable protein and bio fertilizer which contributes to his profit margins! Turning trash to cash!

An even larger bioconversion facility is coming our way during the writing of this article. Stephen hopes that he can fully develope the Indonesian capability and he wants many of such bioconversion facilities all over Indonesia.


Unique Biotechnology located in Guangzhou

Stephen was heading the overseas business development department. Under his management, he has successfully managed to propel the company to the international scene gaining widespread recognition with the industry players. Back then, Unique Biotechnology was the fore runner in the area of BSF egg production know how. They were reputed to be the top company in China. Also Stephen and his team had provided training to clients coming from Switzerland, Ireland and Africa. He also host visits for countless clients from many countries that has shown keen interest in this exciting emerging business.


Appointed Technical Director for South East Asia. Currently Stephen is holding this appointment. With the setup of FlysourceAsia, there will be some changes to this appointment. Further details will be announced soon, so stay tuned!


Insekt Co

A client that Stephen has consulted for from Stage 1 more than 6 years ago to Stage 2 now. Has finally spread its wings and is the leading BSF company in Mexico supplying top quality larvae into the USA and Canada. Using food waste as feed stock, they are now churning out one of the most beautiful cooked larvae produced in the industry. This client is also selling bio fertilizer in liquid and dry form. Stephen said that he was very honoured and proud to have helped developed the company in the fledging stage to a world class facility. He wishes them all the best in their future endeavour and he stands ready as ever to render his services. Well done Inseckt Co! You all have not let me down, and language was never an issue, he said.



Another up and coming mega project in Western Africa. Pictured is Stephen and his armed personal bodyguard. Once the facility is operational it will surpass the capability of any African BSF establishment Stephen said. As this facility will have the latest technology and techniques. Coupled with very dedicated good quality management to operate it, the sky is the limit.

Saudi Arabia

Company confidential, Stephen said he cannot elaborate as he is under NDA. But he hinted that the project is huge by industry standards.


Providing technical support and advice to the Taiwanese Agricultural Department. As well as working with local Taiwanese client to enhance production capabilities and skills.

There were still smaller projects that was completed by Stephen under his consultancy but he feels that the above is enough for the world to know who he is and what he does in this sun rise industry. And most of all, his willingness to enhance the industry with his wide knowledge by providing full turn key solutions from design and setup, to training and equipment supply. Due to overwhelming demand for his services, Stephen has setup a team to help strengthen his consultancy framework. He does this purely for his clients interest. Good service is top priority to him. And no business is too small or too big for him. He said.